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Optimizing Multi-Cloud Strategies by Infoblox

Multi Cloud Efficiency

On March 22nd, 2024, Nextwave (Thailand) joined forces with Infoblox to host the "Thailand Executive Briefing Conference." This exclusive event brought together industry leaders for a stimulating discussion on Optimizing Multi-Cloud Strategies.

The conference fostered a productive and engaging environment, where attendees participated in insightful conversations focused on maximizing the efficiency of multi-cloud deployments. Key topics likely explored included:

  • Balancing cloud performance and security: Attendees likely delved into strategies for optimizing cloud performance while maintaining robust security measures.

  • Effective multi-cloud management techniques: Discussions may have covered best practices for managing workloads and resources across multiple cloud environments.

  • Emerging trends in the multi-cloud landscape: Experts may have shed light on the latest advancements and future directions in multi-cloud technology.

Looking to learn more about optimizing your multi-cloud strategy?

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🔹 LineOA: @nextwaveThailand

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🔹 LinkedIn : NEXTWAVE (Thailand)


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