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AI-Driven Unified Security Operations Powered by Open XDR [Stellar Cyber]

Stellar Cyber, in collaboration with Nextwave Thailand, hosted an exclusive partner event on "Why Your Customers Should Adopt Open XDR for Their Cybersecurity Strategy."

Grand Opening Stellar Cyber

Struggling to manage a complex security stack? Feeling overwhelmed by endless alerts?

Stellar Cyber OpenXDR is the all-in-one solution that simplifies cybersecurity for businesses of all sizes.

Here's what OpenXDR offers:

  • Unified Platform: Unify your security tools (SIEM, EDR, NDR, SOAR) into a single platform for effortless management and improved visibility.

  • AI-Powered Detection: Leverage advanced AI to automatically detect and prioritize real threats, cutting through the noise of false positives.

  • Faster Response: Respond to incidents quicker with automated workflows and pre-defined playbooks.

  • Reduced Costs: Consolidate your security stack and eliminate the need for multiple licenses, saving you time and money.

Stop chasing alerts and start focusing on what matters most - protecting your business.

Want to learn more about OpenXDR and how it can benefit your business?

Stellar Cyber Overview for 29 May Event
Download PDF • 4.92MB

Download Datasheet!


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