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Detect and Response to threats with Threat Intelligence Platform from Anomali

Update Cybersucrity Technology "Threat Intelligence Platform" and learn more why organizations use them to optimize your SOC team, for more precise and secure from threats.

In this webinar, you will learn about Threat Intelligence Platform and other key points that were used to detect threat. Organizations can see more details, prioritized them and connect them to the workflow in your own Organizations.

Anomali ThreatStream is Threat Intelligence Platform that aggregate threats intelligence from multiple sources.

Why Anomali?

Anomali is Threat Intelligence Platform's leader. Trusted by 1,500 organizations worldwide. With Threat Feeds from Partner Program and our own research team.

For more information please contact :

Product Manager : , 083-919-5142

Facebook Page : Nextwave (Thailand) or watch Webinar via our youtube channel

Youtube Channel : Nextwave (Thailand)


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