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Nextwave (Thailand) Named Official Partner of Class in Thailand

Nextwave (Thailand) Named Official Reseller Partner of Class in Thailand

Class Software Adds Teaching and Learning Tools to Zoom and

Replicates Real Classroom Environments

Bangkok, Thailand (18 Aug 2021) – Nextwave (Thailand) and U.S. based education technology company, Class Technologies Inc., today announced the launch of Class software in the Thailand market.

Class adds teaching and learning tools on top of Zoom to make the online classroom feel like a real classroom environment. Nextwave (Thailand), now an official reseller of Class software, is already working with K-12 and higher education institutions, and corporations, to implement Class software in Thailand.

Class recently announced it has raised a $105 million Series B funding round led by SoftBank’s Vision Fund 2. The financing will be used to accelerate the company’s growth and expand globally into new markets and brings total funding to over $160 million in under a year.

“It is a great opportunity for us to work with Class to help improve online learning during this pandemic and future education in Thailand. Through our partnership with Class, we are able to bring teachers and students together and take online learning to the next step.” said Krisada Cheevamongkol, CEO of Nextwave (Thailand).

Class is built on the Zoom Meetings platform and provides everything needed to facilitate instruction and improve learner engagement in virtual and hybrid classroom settings. The software adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom that enable instructors to perform many of the activities that happen in a real classroom, virtually. Some key activities supported by Class include taking attendance, handing out assignments, giving a quiz or test, grading, proctoring exams, and talking one-on-one with a student.

“As the father of three children, I know that by improving the virtual and hybrid learning experience, Class can make a real difference for millions of students and educators around the world,” said Michael Chasen, co-founder and CEO of Class. “We fast-tracked the development of Class because we knew how many people needed our help. We’re pleased to partner with Nextwave (Thailand) to bring Class to Thailand.”

The partnership between Class Technologies Inc. and Nextwave (Thailand) comes after the software’s launch in the U.S. Since the software’s introduction, Class has raised more than $160 million dollars and has received interest from academic institutions and corporations around the world.

To inquire about Class or schedule a demo please click here.

About Nextwave (Thailand)

We are Thailand’s leading Distributor for cutting edge technologies in Cybersecurity and Digital Transformation for Enterprises and Education sectors. Nextwave (Thailand) fulfill demands for digital solutions for industry-leading sectors for the future.

About Class Technologies Inc.

Class adds teaching and learning tools to Zoom. It allows instructors to replicate the physical class experience online. Class helps instructors present from the “front of class,” take attendance, hand out assignments, give a quiz or test, grade work, proctor exams, talk one-on-one with a learner, and more. Founded by education software pioneer Michael Chasen, Class is changing the way the world learns. Class Technologies Inc. is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with staff around the world. Schedule a demo at and follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @WeAreClassTech.

Zoom is a trademark of Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Class Technologies Inc. and its product Class are not sponsored, endorsed, or otherwise affiliated with Zoom.


For Nextwave (Thailand) Media Relations contact:

Pitamon P.,

For Class Media Relations contact:

Desiree Rosa, MULTIPLY |


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